Habitat Integrated Pakistan is a non-political, non-profit, non-government organization, which works for welfare of people through protection of fauna, flora, biodiversity, environment protection and sustainable development. The organization is registered with the government.

One of the programs of HIP is to promote crafts products of gypsy women, Punjab, Pakistan.

Gypsy women in Habitat Training center
Habitat Integrated Pakistan had been providing training for crafts products to these women, since 1999. These women are given training in the field of wallets, eye glasses case, greeting card, pouch, cloth bags, Christmas hanging, cushion covers, scarf, sweater,shirts for trousers, table mat, placemat, glass mat, cap, mobile bag, pin cushion, doll necklace, brooch doll, mobile panel of birds, stuffed- dolls, camel, deer, marble duck, marble tortoise, bowl with six coasters (wooden), jewelry box wooden, necklace, bracelet, beaded pen, key ring, floor rug mat (handloom).

In Jan 2004, Habitat Integrated Pakistan became a member of Fair Trade Federation, United States of America and started exporting crafts products to United States of America.



Mr. Inayat ullah Chaudhry was born on 25th December, 1932 in Ludina in tehsil Gujranwah in India, before the participation of sub-continent in 1947.He was the son of Mr. Chaudhry Abdullah, a Government officer in sub-continent. Mr.Inayat Ullah Ch was admitted in a local school. He started studying in the local school of Gujranwah.

Later, he grew as a tall and fair fellow, 6 ft and one inch. In 1945, he completed his Matriculation from the university of the Punjab. Then he took admission in Punjab Agricultural College, Lyallpur (now called Faisalabad).He took the degree in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in June, 1949 in excellent grades. Later, he took admission in Pakistan Forest college, Pakistan and attended the course of training during the years,from 1952 till 1954 and passed the examination and got the award of the Diploma of the College with credit. He was therefore awarded The Higher Standard Diploma of the college. He joined the Forest government service, Pakistan. In 1969, Mr.Inayat Ullah Chaudhry was awarded Master of Science in Forestry by Washing State University, United States of America. In 1969, with the cooperation of Department of State Agency for International Development awarded a certificate of Achievement for the completion of participation in a technical cooperation program in the field of Forest management from Jan 1968 to Feb 1969. He kept working as a forest government officer. Later, he was promoted to conservator of Forests, Punjab, Pakistan. In 1989, he was retired as a chief conservator of Forests, Punjab, Pakistan.

In 1989, he joined World Wild Fund For Nature, Pakistan and kept working for it as a consultant for the organization. In 1992, he with other retired forest government officers, established a non-profit organization and named it as Habitat Integrated Pakistan. It was a small budding organization. He was the leader in the campaign of prevention of Bear-Baiting project, funded by World Society For The Protection of Animals, United Kingdom, Bear Society, South Africa, Heinrich Boll Foundation, Germany, World Wild Fund For Nature, Pakistan and Ashram International, London. On 28 th April, 1999, he died in Lahore, Pakistan. Since his mission was not completed, so projects continued in one form or another, such as women development and child education. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen


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