Habitat Integrated-Pakistan prepared 17 books and 70 posters as teaching material for technical education in the Forestry schools of Pakistan.
It completed the project "Awareness on rehabilitation of Murree Hills" by training of students of five schools in Murree in raising of tree nurseries and planting methods. HIP also prepared and distributed resource material on the importance of forest conservation for teachers and students of Murree Hills.
Since 1992, Habitat Integrated-Pakistan had conducted annual surveys on bear-baiting in the country. Thus it had drawn the attention of animal lovers and the government towards this cruel, unlawful and un-Islamic sport.
HIP surveyed biodiversity in sacred areas i.e, "Khangahs", Graveyards, Archaeological sites and Bisnoi Tract during 1997 with a view to conserve biodiversity of ecosystems, species and genes in these nature banks.
HIP prepared and distributed resource material i.e, books titled The bear Story, Silviculture, Tree Planting the Easy Way (Urdu and Sindhi) and publicity material on awareness against bear-baiting.
HIP trained Afghan women in the making of crafts products in 2001 and 2002 at Islamabad.
HIP supported Afghan women and gypsy women project
and exhibited crafts products at the display center of Save the Children, U.S.A at Islamabad in 2001.
In 2004, HIP got the membership of Fair Trade
Federation, United States of America.
HIP trained and provided employment opportunities to
gypsy women with the cooperation of small grant of Aid
To Artisans, United States of America.
Since 2004, HIP started exporting crafts to
Peacecraft , Ripple Boutique, Fair Trade Quilts,
United States of America.

Habitat Participated in Fair Trade & Friends 2013
HIP Parcipated in DC Fashion Week
HIP Parcipated in World Fest 2006
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